About Simba

Simba started life supplying mattress thread in 1979, and that thread has been used in over 50 million mattresses to date. In 2002, Simba decided to diversify into mattress design, selling over 1m of their first mattress design. Working with three of the top industry experts, Simba decided to go further and create their ultimate mattress, using a combination of foams, springs and their own synthetic latex – Simbatex. Their Hybrid mattress range is now one of the most popular mattress in a box brands on the market.

Simba concentrate on making one mattress - the Hybrid, in two slightly differing incarnations. Both mattresses contain Simba’s revolutionary Simbatex, with the more expensive mattresses containing an extra layer, more springs and, in the case of the Hybrid Pro, a wool layer for cooling.

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