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Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress review

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Should I buy a Hyde & Sleep Mattress?

The Hyde & Sleep mattresses are popular with consumers and receive great feedback across their models. So, what kind of sleeper do the Hyde & Sleep mattresses suit? The mattresses do have a lot more sinkage than some other bed in a box brands, meaning that you do feel fairly ‘encased’ in bed. Of course, some people will prefer this! The mattresses are also well suited to back sleepers, although side sleepers may find the sinkage doesn’t provide too much support for the hips.

Close up of the Hyde & Sleep Lemon Mattress
Hyde & Sleep Lemon Mattress

One of the best things about the Hyde & Sleep range is that you can choose the firmness level. The hybrid memory foam and spring mattresses come in medium, firm and extra firm options, whilst the all foam mattresses come in firm and extra firm. This means sleepers can choose the comfort level that best suits them. The hybrid versions are firmer overall than the foam options.

As with all mattresses, the Hyde & Sleep options won’t suit everyone. The mattresses do not provide as much edge support as many other brands and the aforementioned sinkage won’t be to everyone’s liking. In addition, sleepers do say that the mattresses sleep hotter than other bed in a box brands.

With much to recommend them, the Hyde & Sleep mattresses are great contenders for those in the market for a new mattress. Our review should help you decide if it’s the mattress in a box for you.

Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress Reviews

Various magazines and newspapers have conducted a Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress review and in general, the Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress gets extremely positive reviews from customers.

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Which? awarded the mattress a Best Buy recommendation, saying: "It’s very impressive when it comes to durability and stability. It’s earned our Best Buy recommendation as a result.”


T3 said the Hyde & Sleep was one of the best for back pain: "Memory foam mattresses are also known to alleviate back pain. This mattress from Hyde &Sleep delivers superior support to help relieve pressure points in your back."

T3 Magazine

I brought this for the guest bedroom, but having slept on the mattress several times, I have moved it onto the main bed. It's really supportive and my back has been much improved since buying the mattress. (July 2020)

Hyde & Sleep Customer

Purchased this mattress to help with restless sleeping and waking up aching, I was not disappointed. From the first night what a difference, I now enjoy going to bed and getting comfy almost immediately. Highly recommended and a dream to sleep on. (May 2020)

Hyde & Sleep Customer

First time we have owned a memory foam mattress and have not been disappointed. Was worried at first with how firm the mattress was to touch as it feels like a brick wall, but when I laid down on the mattress, it was like laying on a cloud. The mattress is extremely comfortable and I have had the best night’s sleep ever since. (March 2020)

Hyde & Sleep Customer

I bought this mattress at the beginning of the year as I have struggled for a long time with back issues due to my height. This extra firm mattress gives me much more support and I find that my sleep has improved greatly. I also ache less in the mornings now which is really appreciated. (February 2020)

Hyde & Sleep Customer

Took delivery of this mattress about 3 weeks ago and I'm already sleeping better! Offers great support to my back and has made it so I sleep through the night without waking up with an aching back in the morning! (December 2019)

Hyde & Sleep Customer

We bought this mattress about a month ago and it has been excellent. We both suffer from back pain and are now able to wake up pain-free since using this mattress. We also don't wake each other up when one of us moves around, as the mattress doesn't react to the other side dipping. Fantastic mattress - really worth the money. (March 2019)

Hyde & Sleep Customer

Great mattress and super supportive. We were surprised at how relatively lightweight it is compared to our older bulky mattress, so it was really easy to move about. For the quality, the price is great too - we'd tried others which were around £600-700 more expensive and so glad we chose this one in the end. Looking forward to plenty more good nights' sleep! (January 2019)

Hyde & Sleep Customer

Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress prices & sizes

Looking to save money on a Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress? Below are the latest prices and available sizes from popular retailers.

Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress - UK Double
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Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress - UK Double
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Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress - UK King
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Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress - UK King
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Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress - UK Single
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Hyde & Sleep Carbon Foam Mattress - UK Single
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Hyde & Sleep Mattress layers in detail‍

Let’s look at the five incarnations of the Hyde & Sleep mattress in more detail. Do note that the number of springs listed below is based on a king sized mattress and that all mattresses are 25cm deep.

Layer & construction details
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Soft-touch, breathable knitted cover

Top Layer

Premium temperature regulating Kaygel™

Layer 2

Next-Gen body contouring foam

Layer 3

High density zoned foam base

Firmness, Comfort & Support

It's important to make sure that you choose the right firmness and support for your needs when you pick a mattress. Our handy bullet points below condense the important information.
Firmness, comfort & support details
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  • Hyde & Sleep mattresses are available in a range of firmness grades, meaning you can choose the one most suitable for your needs.
  • The mattresses have more sinkage than other brands, which some users will obviously prefer.
  • Hyde & Sleep mattresses are particularly suited for back sleepers, offering relief from back pain.
  • Much softer edge support than many other mattresses in a box.
  • Couples will find that there isn’t much motion transfer or bounce when one person moves.

Hyde & Sleep Mattress Discount Codes & Deals

From time to time Hyde & Sleep offer a number of discounts, voucher codes and other offers. Our Discounts and Offers page will show you all the unique codes and offers to allow you to get the best possible prices.

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Recommended Products by Hyde & Sleep

As well as their mattresses, Hyde & Sleep also sell Raspberry, Orange and Blueberry pillows. Below is a selection of popular products from Hyde & Sleep.

No products available

Other benefits of buying a Hyde & Sleep Mattress

Trial Period

40 nights with a full refund if not satisfied


1 year


Free delivery


Credit / debit card or you can apply for 20 months interest free credit.

Hyde & Sleep Mattress FAQ's

From delivery to returns and refunds, here are the most frequently asked questions from customers about Hyde & Sleep mattresses.

Trial & Guarantee
How does Hyde & Sleep’s 40-night trial work?
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The Dreams ‘Comfort Exchange’ allows for the replacement of a mattress if you find your Hyde & Sleep doesn’t suit you. You can only request a change after sleeping on the mattress for 30 nights, after which you can select an alternative mattress of the same size. The original mattress must be in good condition and have been used with a mattress protector. A collection and re delivery charge of £49 will be applied.

How does Hyde & Sleep’s 1-year guarantee work?
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Your Hyde & Sleep mattress comes with a 1-year guarantee, however extra coverage for 8 years is available to purchase through Dreams’ Bed Cover Service Plan. The guarantee does not cover wear and tear.

What are Dreams’ delivery costs?
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Standard weekday delivery is free and Dreams will deliver your Hyde & Sleep mattress between 7am and 6pm. You will receive a call and text before your delivery with a 2-hour time slot. You can also choose a Saturday delivery for £9.95 or a specified morning / afternoon delivery for £24.

How Long?
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Will the couriers take the Hyde & Sleep mattress to my bedroom?
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Your Hyde & Sleep mattress can be delivered to a room of your choice.

Can Dreams collect my old mattress?
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Dreams can collect your old mattress and take it away. They will also send you bags to wrap the mattress in prior to collection. This will cost between £25 and £40, depending on the size of your old mattress.

Receiving your mattress
How long should you wait to use the Hyde & Sleep mattress?
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The Hyde & Sleep mattresses can be slept on immediately, but may take a few hours to expand fully into shape.

Returns & refunds
How do I return my Hyde & Sleep mattress?
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You can return your mattress if it has a fault or arrives damaged. Your refund will be returned to you through your payment method, within 14 days of the refund request. 

About the mattress
How can I wash the Hyde & Sleep mattress?
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Dreams recommend using a mattress protector to help keep your mattress in top condition. The Hyde & Sleep covers are not washable.

What base should I put my Hyde & Sleep on?
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Hyde & Sleep mattresses work on any bed frames. About rotating... You should rotate your mattress head to toe weekly for the first 3 months and then every month thereafter.


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Richard is passionate about helping people get a better night's sleep. As someone who has struggled with sleep and spent a lot of time researching the perfect mattress, Richard has built an in depth understanding of the merits of each mattress brand and what to look for to help you find your perfect sleep.

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