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Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress review

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Should I buy a Tempur Mattress?

Tempur mattresses may be considered the ‘Kings’ of the memory foam market, but you’ll certainly find that they have a price tag to match. They are considerably more expensive than many of the newer brands on the market. But are they worth the extra money?

Tempur have certainly been making pressure relieving memory foam mattresses longer than most, but a Tempur mattress feels very different to most of the other ‘bed in a box’ brands. Users report that they feel ‘hugged’ by the mattresses and that the longer you lie on the bed, the further you’ll sink into it. This means that there really is no motion transfer with Tempur mattresses, meaning they’re well worth the money if you’re a light sleeper or share a bed with someone who moves about a lot.

Because of the amount of sinkage, we wouldn’t recommend the Tempur mattresses for front sleepers. But it’s a great choice for side and back sleepers, offering relief for those with back and spine issues. Heavier builds may find the foam mattresses sink too much for their liking, but may find that the hybrid Tempur mattresses (which contain springs) will offer more support.

Some customers find that the Tempur mattresses make them very hot at night, probably due to the sinkage involved. There are also a percentage of users who have found that the Tempur mattresses have started to dip considerably after a year or so, causing back and neck pain.

Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress Reviews

Various magazines and newspapers have conducted a Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress review and in general, the Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress gets extremely positive reviews from customers.

Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

Real Homes said the Tempur mattress is ideal for those who struggle to sleep: If you do struggle to sleep, this mattress may prove priceless. And I’m not just talking about you poor loves saddled with searing pain in your spine/hips/knees –delete as applicable. If your partner moans about you thrashing about during the night, or you switch positions more often than your ‘leccie company switches tariffs, this mattress could be a game-changer.

Real Homes

T3 said: It’s the almost complete lack of motion transfer and gently enveloping, yet supportive structure that means that if you suffer from back and shoulder pain, or you’re particularly restless sleeper, this luxury memory foam mattress will be an investment you won’t regret.

T3 Magazine

The Telegraph said: The NASA developed Tempur material works to redistribute body weight and reduce pressure points while you sleep. The supportive foam layer also cradles the body throughout the night, making sure you achieve optimum relaxation.

The Telegraph

I purchased the Sensation Elite 25 mattress and it has provided the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. Well worth the money. I would recommend this mattress. (April 2020)‍

Tempur Customer

It's changed my life. At last, a proper sleep. Highly recommended. (March 2020)

Tempur Customer

My husband and I were about to buy a regular sprung mattress however, after a conversation with his brother about his Tempur mattress, we just thought let’s try it. I like a firm bed and this mattress is beyond perfect. I can lie on my side without my shoulder and hip aching after a while, but even more exciting is being able to lie on my back without my lower back aching. (February 2020)

Tempur Customer

My wife and I bought a Tempur mattress 2 months ago, she prefers a softer bed and I like a firmer more supportive mattress as I am 6foot 3 and suffer lower backache from time to time! But since using this mattress my back is so much better and both of us have been having a fantastic deep nights sleep, it is wonderfully supportive and soft at the same time, both of us extremely happy. Thanks Tempur, superb mattress! (October 2019)

Tempur Customer

Fantastic brand of mattress! I will never sleep on anything else. I've had my Tempur mattress for 4 years now and it has helped me through numerous post-operation recoveries, where I'd be stuck in bed for a week at a time. It offers me the perfect support along with giving my partner a great night’s sleep too. (February 2019)

Tempur Customer

Best investment ever! I work for a mainstream bed company and bought a Tempur mattress a year ago and now sleep like a baby. My partner starts work a lot earlier than me and I’m never woken up by any movement in the mattress. (January 2019)

Tempur Customer

Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress prices & sizes

Looking to save money on a Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress? Below are the latest prices and available sizes from popular retailers.

Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress - EU Single
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Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress - EU Single
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Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress - UK Double
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Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress - UK Double
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Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress - UK King
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Tempur Hybrid Luxe Mattress - UK King
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Tempur Mattress layers in detail‍

As previously mentioned, Tempur make four mattress ranges, each of which is available in three depths and ten sizes. Let’s look at each range in more detail.

Layer & construction details
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QuickRefresh™ cover, easily unzipped for washing

Top Layer

Advanced Tempur® material - 4cm

Layer 2

Dynamic support technology - 3cm

Layer 3

Precision microcoils - 10cm

Layer 4

Precision microcoils - 10cm

Layer 5

Durabase technology - 3cm

Firmness, Comfort & Support

It's important to make sure that you choose the right firmness and support for your needs when you pick a mattress. Our handy bullet points below condense the important information.
Firmness, comfort & support details
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  • Tempur mattresses ‘hug’ sleepers more than other brands, creating a deeper sinkage that still leaves people supported.
  • There is absolutely no motion transfer with Tempur mattresses, meaning they’re a great choice for light sleepers or those who share a bed with a partner who moves around a lot.
  • Tempur mattresses are available in a range of firmness grades to suit all sleepers, with the Hybrid option being particularly good for supporting those of a heavier build.
  • Particularly suited for side and back sleepers and those with back, knee or hip pain.

Tempur Mattress Discount Codes & Deals

From time to time Tempur offer a number of discounts, voucher codes and other offers. Our Discounts and Offers page will show you all the unique codes and offers to allow you to get the best possible prices.

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Recommended Products by Tempur

As well as mattresses, Tempur sell a range of pillows and beds, along with accessories including mattress toppers, protectors and bedding. Below is a selection of popular products from Tempur.

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Other benefits of buying an Tempur Mattress


Free delivery and installation


10-year guarantee

Trial Period

100 nights with a full refund if not satisfied


Credit / debit card or up to 24 months interest free credit.

Tempur Mattress FAQ's

From delivery to returns and refunds, here are the most frequently asked questions from customers about Tempur mattresses.

Trial & Guarantee
How does Tempur’s 100-night trial work?
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Try any Tempur mattress for 100 nights and, if you’re not happy, you can return it for a full refund. You must sleep on the mattress for at least 60 nights before returning it.

How does Tempur’s 10-year guarantee work?
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Tempur offer a 10-year guarantee on all their mattresses which covers material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials, or changes which cause a visible indentation of more than 2cm.

What are Tempur’s delivery costs?
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Tempur offer a free delivery service.

How long does Tempur’s delivery take?
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Tempur aim to deliver your mattress in 14-28 days. The delivery service operates in pre-designated areas during Monday – Friday.

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Receiving your mattress
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Returns & refunds
How do I return my Tempur mattress?
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All mattress returns are free of charge. Use Tempur’s Online Return Request Form to initiate a return. You will then receive emails with further information.

About the mattress
How can I wash the Tempur mattress?
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All Tempur mattresses have a removable cover that can be washed at 60 degrees.

What base should I put my Tempur on?
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You can use Tempur mattresses on any bed base, including adjustable beds. Do I need to turn... Tempur mattresses do not need to be turned at all.


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