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Tweak Mattress review

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Should I buy a Tweak Mattress?

Tweak’s mattress is incredibly innovative. The options to customise it means that you can change the foam inserts to suit your sleeping requirements and provide the support you need.

The mattress offers great support and is particularly good for back and side sleepers. Motion transfer is also minimal, making this mattress a great choice for couples.

Tweak Nrem Mattress on a bed in a bedroom
Tweak Nrem Mattress

Over time, some customers do report that the Tweak mattress is prone to sagging. However, with the replaceable inserts you can usually rectify this problem without having to shoulder the cost of a brand new mattress. However, it should also be noted that some people who are prone to back pain find that the Tweak exacerbates the problem and makes back pain worse.

This mattress is a great choice if you find that most mattresses in a box don’t allow you the option to customise a mattress to your exact requirements.

Tweak Mattress Reviews

Various magazines and newspapers have conducted a Tweak Mattress review and in general, the Tweak Mattress gets extremely positive reviews from customers.

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T3 praised the Tweak mattress, saying: The Tweak Slumber mattress is flexible, comfortable and phenomenally supportive: our sleep improved immediately. The customisable design really works, making it a good choice for anyone with back or neck pain – and we love that you can choose a different firmness setup to your partner. Co-sleeping and back ache have never had it so good.

T3 Magazine

The Independent rated the Tweak as one of the best mattresses on the market: Our tester had been at his wit’s end with backache, despite having tried other expensive mattresses that promised to work wonders.With the Tweak, he reported that the support is phenomenal, with no need to compromise on comfort. And if your partner does have restless night, you won’t feel a thing.

The Independent

The Good Housekeeping Institute praised the Tweak mattress: The GHI was incredibly impressed by this innovative product. The personal aspect and brilliant customer service was applauded by our testers who all agree their quality of sleep has improved since trialling this mattress.

Good Housekeeping Institute

My sleeping time has improved a lot. I used to wake up a few times during the night but now most of the time I do sleep through. Highly recommended. (January 2020)

Tweak Customer

The mattress is so versatile it should suit anyone with problems with their joints or pain. (December 2019)

Tweak Customer

Really impressed - adjust each side of the mattress to whatever suits our requirements. Literally just moving foam inserts to wherever needs support. I’d been struggling with a bad back for a couple of months (combination of old mattress, new puppy!) - super comfortable, no more aches. Exactly what I needed. (August 2019)

Tweak Customer

The Tweak mattress is very comfortable, so much so that I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. My morning back stiffness is almost gone now so I feel much more rested & comfortable first thing in the morning. Delivery arrangements & customer service have been excellent. I would definitely recommend this mattress. (June 2019)

Tweak Customer

I love the flexibility of the set up of the bed. I suffer with back problems due to the wrong sort of beds. With this bed I turnover less frequently, spend less time awake during the night, and wake up with less back pain. Another feature of the bed design is that less movement is transmitted from one side of the mattress to the other. When sitting or moving on our last mattress my partner would feel every movement and vibration so if I (or she) were restless it would also tend to disturb the other person. I am very happy with our new mattress and am hoping that the memory foam element will continue to provide the same level of comfort for many years! A worthy investment! (March 2019)

Tweak Customer

Fantastic mattress. Very comfortable and the best sleep we've had for years. I love the fact we can change foam inserts to suit my partner and myself differently. My back pain has been almost non-existent since having this, which was the main reason for purchase. Very happy. (February 2019)

Tweak Customer

Tweak Mattress prices & sizes

Looking to save money on a Tweak Mattress? Below are the latest prices and available sizes from popular retailers.

Tweak Mattress - UK Double
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Tweak Mattress - UK Double
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Tweak Mattress - UK King
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Tweak Mattress - UK King
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Tweak Mattress - UK Single
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Tweak Mattress - UK Single
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Tweak Mattress - UK Super King
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Tweak Mattress - UK Super King
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Tweak Mattress layers in detail

Let's have a more detailed look at what makes up the Tweak mattress.

Layer & construction details
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Hypo-allergenic, plush fabric cover

Top Layer

Pressure relieving, cooling foam comfort layer

Layer 2

5 customisable comfort zones with 3 different densities of deep foam

Layer 3

1000 individual pocket springs for superior support & bounce

Layer 4

Highly resilient base foam

Firmness, Comfort & Support

It's important to make sure that you choose the right firmness and support for your needs when you pick a mattress. Our handy bullet points below condense the important information.
Firmness, comfort & support details
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  • The Tweak mattress offers customisation, allowing sleepers to choose the right comfort and firmness level for their requirements.
  • The mattress allows users to tweak the entire mattress with five customisable sections.
  • The Tweak mattress is particularly supportive to those with back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • The mattresses are not suitable for anyone weighing over 16stone.
  • Additional inserts can be purchased to add support if the mattress starts to sag.

Tweak Mattress Discount Codes & Deals

From time to time Tweak offer a number of discounts, voucher codes and other offers. Our Discounts and Offers page will show you all the unique codes and offers to allow you to get the best possible prices.

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Other Mattresses by Tweak

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Other benefits of buying a Tweak Mattress


Free delivery and installation


10-year guarantee

Trial Period

100 nights


Credit / debit card or up to 12 months interest free credit.

Tweak Mattress FAQ's

From delivery to returns and refunds, here are the most frequently asked questions from customers about Tweak mattresses.

Trial & Guarantee
How does Tweak’s 100-night trial work?
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Tweak’s trial period allows you to test drive any Tweak mattress for 100 nights so you can decide if it’s right for you. The trial starts from the day of delivery. During your trial, Tweak will also send you additional foam inserts in your desired densities to help you find your perfect setup. Tweak ask that you try the mattress for at least 30 nights. If you don’t get on with the mattress, Tweak will collect it and refund you (minus a £60 collection fee).

How does Tweak’s 10-year guarantee work?
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Tweak offer a 10-year guarantee on all their mattresses, which covers faulty workmanship and materials.

What are Tweak’s delivery costs?
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Delivery is free to UK mainland addresses.

How long does Tweak’s delivery take?
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The delivery team will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date. This is usually within 3 working days for Nrem and 15 working days for made to order mattresses and DUO.

Will the couriers take my Tweak mattress to my bedroom?
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Tweak’s 2-man delivery team will deliver your mattress to a room of your choice and remove all packaging.

Can Tweak collect my old mattress?
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Tweak can collect your old mattress for a small fee, providing you add this service to your basket before checking out.

Receiving your mattress
How long should you wait to use the Tweak mattress?
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Tweak recommend that you leave your mattress with the cover unzipped for 3-4 hours before sleeping on it.

Returns & refunds
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About the mattress
How can I wash the Tweak mattress?
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The mattress cover is removable and washable at 30 degrees. It should be air-dried and not tumble dried. The foam inserts can also be removed to allow you to vacuum and air out the mattress.

What base should I put my Tweak on?
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You can use Tweak mattresses on any bed base.


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