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Ergoflex 5G Mattress review

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Should I buy an Ergoflex Mattress?

Ergoflex only make one mattress and they’ve spent a lot of time perfecting it. And this shows in the positive reviews it receives from customers. Ergoflex’s ethos was to make a mattress that competed with the more expensive Tempur mattress and feedback from sleepers suggests that it is a worthwhile alternative.

Ergoflex mattress layer details
Ergoflex mattress details

The Ergoflex mattress is particularly good for those with medical problems that cause body pain, as users report that they help to ease these and support the body extremely well. The mattress also has little motion transfer, making it a great choice for light sleepers and those sharing with a restless sleeper.

It’s worth noting that the Ergoflex sleeps considerably firmer than most mattresses in a box and this takes a little getting used to. But, once you are used to it, the mattress is extremely supportive and provides excellent pressure relief. A few customers don’t get on with the mattress – finding that the initially firmer feel exacerbates existing back problems, but in general this is an excellent choice for those in the market for a new mattress.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress Reviews

Various magazines and newspapers have conducted a Ergoflex 5G Mattress review and in general, the Ergoflex 5G Mattress gets extremely positive reviews from customers.

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Which? awarded the Ergoflex a Best Buy Award, saying: You'll get great support …this mattress didn't sag, soften or become any less supportive, so you can count on it to stand the test of time.

Which? Magazine

The Mirror’s tester rated it highly for helping with his back problems: As for my back, of course no mattress will provide an instant cure, but combined with my physio regime, within a few days I definitely noticed an improvement – and within two weeks I genuinely felt my back was on the mend.

The Mirror

The Belfast Telegraph were also fans: I found that I drifted off more easily and felt less shoulder pain the morning after. The breathable material also stopped me from getting hot and sweaty.

The Belfast Telegraph

I bought my first mattress 6 years ago, loved it, the best mattress, I have ever slept on, and is as new as the day I bought it. (July 2020)

Ergoflex Customer

We have slept on an Ergoflex mattress for the last 14 years (having taken the decision to purchase from reading reviews and sales advertising etc) We were so pleased, it is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had. Yesterday our new kingsize Ergoflex mattress was delivered (the old 4'6" one has moved to the spare room as it is still as good as new). The most comfortable night's sleep on the new one last night. So pleased! (June 2020)

Ergoflex Customer

I purchased the Ergoflex memory foam mattress as I was suffering with lower back pain during the night and I read that it was a good choice for that. After using the mattress for several months now I can say that there is a definite improvement in sleep and no lower back pain during the night. All in all a very comfortable mattress - would definitely recommended (May 2020)

Ergoflex Customer

We have bought 4 Ergoflex mattresses over the last ten years: two single, a king size and a super king size, and we love them all! To us these are the best memory foam mattresses available on the market. They are very well made with high quality materials, durable and super comfortable. And they cost a third of the price of Tempur mattresses, which are regarded as the best. In just a few words: great mattresses at a very reasonable price! Highly recommend! (February 2020)

Ergoflex Customer

This is the second Ergoflex mattress I have bought, and think they are wonderful. The first one I bought is now 4 years old and no sagging or deterioration in comfort level. From day one - I got a great night’s sleep. Cannot recommend highly enough - well done Ergoflex for great mattresses at an affordable price! (December 2019)

Ergoflex Customer

My son, who has a very painful upper back, has slept on his Ergoflex mattress for a couple of months now, and cannot praise it highly enough. He now has reduced back pain and has never slept better. I wish we had done this years ago. (September 2019)

Ergoflex Customer

Absolutely fantastic mattress, I can’t recommend it highly enough! So comfortable from day one & my back pain has improved massively. Thank you so much. I’m so pleased that I’ve recommended it to several friends who have since purchased an Ergoflex mattress. (August 2019)

Ergoflex Customer

Ergoflex 5G Mattress prices & sizes

Looking to save money on a Ergoflex 5G Mattress? Below are the latest prices and available sizes from popular retailers.

Ergoflex 5G Mattress - EU Double
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - EU Double
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - EU King
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - EU King
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK Double
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK Double
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK King
Ergoflex logo
Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK King
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK Single
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK Single
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK Super King
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Ergoflex 5G Mattress - UK Super King
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Ergoflex Mattress layers in detail‍

Ergoflex only make one mattress. Let’s look at what it’s made of.

Layer & construction details
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Tencel outer cover - natural and breathable

Top Layer

Micro-fine inner protective cover

Layer 2

True high-density visco-elastic memory foam

Layer 3

Cool-Sleep™ airflow system

Layer 4

High resilience foam base

Firmness, Comfort & Support

It's important to make sure that you choose the right firmness and support for your needs when you pick a mattress. Our handy bullet points below condense the important information.
Firmness, comfort & support details
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  • Ergoflex mattresses use the highest graded material density, making for a mattress that competes with the more expensive Tempur mattresses and has excellent longevity.
  • The Ergoflex mattress is considerably firmer than other bed in a box brands, but is extremely supportive once sleepers get used to it.
  • There is little to no motion transfer with the Ergoflex mattress, making it ideal for couples and light sleepers.
  • Ergoflex’s mattress is particularly good for those with back problems.
  • Some sleepers may find the mattress too firm and unyielding for their sleeping habits.

Ergoflex Mattress Discount Codes & Deals

Ergoflex frequently offer voucher codes, giving customers generous percentage discounts on their mattresses and sleep bundles. You'll also find money-off offers if you spend a certain amount with them. Below are the current offers available through Ergoflex.

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Recommended Products by Ergoflex

As well as their mattress, Ergoflex also sell a pillow, mattress protectors and a range of linen bedding. Below is a selection of popular products from Ergoflex.

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Other Mattresses by Ergoflex

As well as the Ergoflex 5G Mattress, Ergoflex also offer different mattresses.

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Other benefits of buying a Ergoflex Mattress


Free delivery


10-year guarantee.

Trial Period

30 nights


Credit / debit card or up to 12 months interest free credit.

Ergoflex Mattress FAQ's

From delivery to returns and refunds, here are the most frequently asked questions from customers about Ergoflex mattresses.

Trial & Guarantee
How does Ergoflex’s 30-night trial work?
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Ergoflex’s trial period allows you to test drive the Ergoflex mattress for 30 days so you can decide if it’s right for you. As part of the trial, Ergoflex ask that you try the mattress for at least 21 days. If you decide to return the mattress, simply get in touch before the end of the trial period and arrange a pick up. You do not need to keep packaging or the box that the Ergoflex arrives in.

How does Ergoflex’s 10-year guarantee work?
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Your 10-year guarantee starts as soon as you receive your Ergoflex mattress but you must register your mattress guarantee within thirty days of receipt. The Ergoflex mattress is guaranteed against any defects in materials or workmanship.

What are Ergoflex’s delivery costs?
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Ergoflex offer a free next day delivery service during the week. Saturday deliveries are available for a cost of £35.

How long does Ergoflex’s delivery take?
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Next day delivery is available during the week, or you can specify a specific delivery date during checkout.

Will the couriers take the Ergoflex mattress to my bedroom?
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Under standard delivery your mattress will be delivered to your front door. Ergoflex do offer a service where your mattress can be delivered to a room of your choice, however there is a charge for this and delivery can take a little longer.

Can Ergoflex collect my old mattress?
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Ergoflex are currently unable to collect your old mattress.

Receiving your mattress
Is there a right way to unpack the Ergoflex mattress?
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Ergoflex advise that you open the box and remove the mattress, whilst keeping it in its plastic wrapping. Position the mattress on your bed base and then remove the first layer of plastic wrapping. The mattress will then unfurl, at which point you can open the second layer of vacuum-sealed packaging. Ergoflex recommend that you wait 4 hours for the mattress to expand fully.

Returns & refunds
How do I return my Ergoflex mattress?
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Simply get in touch before the end of the 30-day home trial and Ergoflex will organise a pick up. Your refund will be processed once you request a return.

About the mattress
How can I wash the Ergoflex mattress?
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Ergoflex recommend using a mattress protector to help keep your mattress in top condition. The outer cover can be removed and washed at 30 degrees, before being either line dried or tumble dried on a low heat setting.

What base should I put my Ergoflex on?
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Ergoflex mattresses work on most bed frames but if you’re using a slatted bed frame, you should make sure that the slats are no further than 3 inches apart. You should also avoid wire mesh bases.


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