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Review updated on May 11, 2021

Casper Essential Mattress review

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Should I buy a Casper Mattress?

The Casper mattress, in all 3 incarnations, is a popular choice with consumers, rating highly for comfort and support.

So, what kind of sleeper does the Casper mattress suit? The mattress has more sinkage than other brands, which is obviously down to personal preference. However, this does allow the mattress to provide body-conforming support, which helps to alleviate pressure and provide support to sensitive areas. Despite the sinkage, users report that the mattress is more supportive than other all foam beds. The Essential and Original are of moderate firmness, whilst the Hybrid offers a slightly firmer feel. The Hybrid is also the best option for users who prefer the traditional feel of springs, with the mattress having zoned spring support to contour to the body.

A picture of the Casper Original Mattress in a bedroom setting
Casper Original Mattress

Casper mattresses are extremely good at absorbing body heat, with the mattress keeping sleepers cool and comfortable throughout the night. Motion transfer is minimal and the mattress is virtually silent when bearing weight, meaning that it’s a great choice for light sleepers.

As with all mattresses, the Casper won’t suit everyone. Heavier individuals will probably find that the Casper is too soft and that the added sinkage leads to too much pressure on the body. However, the Hybrid might be an option here as it is a firmer mattress.

With much to recommend it, the Casper mattress is definitely a top contender for those in the market for a new mattress. Our Casper mattress review will hopefully help you decide if it’s the one for you!

Casper Essential Mattress Reviews

Various magazines and newspapers have conducted a Casper Essential Mattress review and in general, the Casper Essential Mattress gets extremely positive reviews from customers.

Yellow starYellow starYellow starYellow starYellow star

The Evening Standard named the Casper Mattress one of the best mattresses of 2019: It has a Goldilocks-level of firmness; not too hard, not too soft, which we think makes it a good compromise for bed-sharing couples with different preferences. It would also suit side-sleepers (the most popular sleep position), with a gentle give that allows you to sink in and take the burden off your shoulders and neck. And there’s no danger of waking up in a sweat; Casper uses an open-cell top layer that draws excess heat away from your body via convection and conduction. Clever, eh?

Evening Standard

The Independent also included the Casper Mattress as one of its best mattresses of the year: We couldn’t fault this three-layer foam mattress when it comes to breathability, which stops you getting too hot, and you can move around without much effort or disturbing your partner. All this and yet it supports you in all the right places, even if you sleep on your back (which usually makes finding the right mattress extra tricky).

The Independent

Real Homes highly recommended the Casper Mattress, saying: All the foamy layers, zone support and breathability sound impressive but in reality all you need to know is: what does it feel like? Our verdict is it’s soft enough to enjoy that ‘and relax’ experience when you first climb in, but still supportive. You don't feel your bones creak when you get out in the morning, even if you’re older, or someone who spends far too many hours hunched over a screen.

Real Homes

At last, a good night's sleep. In the mistaken belief that if you have back problems you need a firm mattress, I bought a firm, pocket spring mattress. Having ached every morning for 6 months, I finally concluded that ‘getting used to it’ just wasn't going to happen. So, having seen Casper mattresses advertised, I thought, well, it can't be any worse, so went for it. The best thing I've ever done. From day one I felt I slept really well and I have no aches and pains on getting up. It feels like my body and Casper sort of merge, rather than meeting with the resistance of the firm pocket sprung one. (November 2019)

Casper Customer

I researched lots of these bed in a box mattresses before plumping for the Casper Essential and I’m glad I chose this Which? Best Buy. Great value and it is so comfortable! What a difference it has made. I’ve slept on it for a couple of weeks now and it gives excellent support from my head to my toes! My backache has disappeared, I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and apparently I’m not grumpy anymore! Long may it last! (October 2019)

Casper Customer

Our old sprung mattress was over 10 years old, so we decided to replace both the bed frame and mattress. We'd heard about Casper and decided to give it, and memory foam, a go. We're really pleased, it's very comfortable and we are sleeping like babies! (September 2019)

Casper Customer

Love this mattress; it’s so comfortable. It is quite a firm mattress but ideal if you suffer from a bad back. We were a little unsure when we unpacked it out of its box, as it didn't look as though it would be comfortable, but a few hours later when it had filled out and it was bedtime it really was perfect. This is definitely a keeper! (August 2019)

Casper Customer

Casper Essential Mattress prices & sizes

Looking to save money on a Casper Essential Mattress? Below are the latest prices and available sizes from popular retailers.

Casper Essential Mattress - EU Double
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Casper Essential Mattress - EU Double
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Casper Essential Mattress - EU King
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Casper Essential Mattress - EU King
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Casper Essential Mattress - EU Single
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Casper Essential Mattress - EU Single
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Double
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Double
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK King
Casper Logo
Casper Essential Mattress - UK King
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Single
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Single
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Small Double
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Small Double
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Super King
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Casper Essential Mattress - UK Super King
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Casper Mattress layers in detail

We’ll look at each of the three incarnations of the Casper mattress in more detail below. Do note that the number of springs listed below is based on a king sized mattress.

Layer & construction details
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Removable washable cover, made of polyester and elastane, with handles to turn the mattress
Top Layer
Breathable open-cell foam
Layer 2
Durable support foam, with contour cuts and 5 zones

Firmness, Comfort & Support

It's important to make sure that you choose the right firmness and support for your needs when you pick a mattress. Our handy bullet points below condense the important information.
Firmness, comfort & support details
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  • The Casper does a good job of keeping sleepers cool and comfortable, whilst still providing comfort.
  • Softer top layers than some mattresses, meaning that there is a little more sinkage. Some sleepers will obviously prefer this!
  • Good support in all sleeping positions, but has much softer edge support than many mattresses.
  • Could feel unsupportive if you are of a heavier build.
  • The synthetic smell that is common with all beds in a box takes longer to dissipate than some mattresses.
  • If you find the sinkage of the Essential and Original a little too much, consider the Hybrid which offers a slightly firmer feel.

Casper Mattress Discount Codes & Deals

Casper frequently offer voucher codes, giving customers generous percentage discounts on their mattresses and sleep bundles. You'll also find money-off offers if you spend a certain amount with them. Below are the current offers available through Casper.

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Up to 25% off the Casper Hybrid mattresses

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Oct 31, 2021
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Recommended Products by Casper

As well as their mattresses, Casper sell a range of pillows, bed frames, bedding, duvets, mattress protectors and other accessories – even including a dog bed! Below are some of the top products available through Casper.

Other Mattresses by Casper

As well as the Casper Essential Mattress, Casper also offer different mattresses.

Other benefits of buying a Casper Mattress

Trial Period

30 nights with a full refund if not satisfied


10 years


Free one-day delivery, delivered rolled up in a box


Credit / debit card or you can apply for 12 months interest free credit.

Casper Mattress FAQ's

From delivery to returns and refunds, here are the most frequently asked questions from customers about Casper mattresses.

Trial & Guarantee
How does Casper’s 30-night trial work?
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Casper’s trial period allows you to test drive any Casper mattress for 30 days so you can decide if it’s right for you. The trial starts from the day of delivery and, if you decide that the Casper isn’t right for you, it can be returned at no charge.

How does Casper’s 10-year guarantee work?
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Your 10-year guarantee starts as soon as you receive your Casper mattress. Casper’s warranty covers physical manufacturing flaws in the mattress layers, but does not cover wear and tear.

What are Casper’s delivery costs?
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Standard delivery is free. Premium delivery costs £20.

How long does Casper’s delivery take?
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Standard delivery is carried out by UPS and takes 1-3 working days if you order before 5pm. Orders placed over the weekend will arrive in 2-4 working days. For Premium Delivery you can nominate your delivery day. Your Casper mattress is rolled, vacuum packed and then shipped directly to your doorstep. For standard delivery, UPS deliver between 9am and 6pm and will deliver your mattress to your door. With premium delivery you’ll receive a two-hour window via text message. The two-person courier team will deliver your mattress to the room of your choice.

Will the couriers take the Casper mattress to my bedroom?
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If you choose premium delivery, the two-person courier team will be able to take the mattress to your bedroom.

Can Casper collect my old mattress?
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If you would like to have your existing mattress removed, you must choose premium delivery and tick the box for existing mattress removal. There is a fee of £35.

Receiving your mattress
Is there a right way to unpack the Casper mattress?
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The Casper mattress is packed for convenience. The mattress should not be left in its box for any longer than a month. The mattress should only be used with the white side up. You can sleep on your new mattress the night you get it, but it may take your mattress up to 24 hours to expand to its full height.

Returns & refunds
How do I return my Casper mattress?
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To return a mattress or furniture item simply contact Casper, who will arrange a pickup. For bedding, pillows and accessories visit the self-service return centre, print off a shipping label and drop the box at a UPS location. Refunds are credited back to your account within two weeks.

About the mattress
How can I wash the Casper mattress?
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Casper’s mattresses come with washable covers, which you can wash at 40 degrees (the Essential cover is washable at 60 degrees)

What base should I put my Casper on?
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Casper mattresses work on any bed frames. A wooden slatted base, solid top divan, or platform bed offers the most support. All mattresses can be used with adjustable bases.


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